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Menopause refers to the cessation of ovulation and menstruation. Peri-menopause is when a woman’s hormone production begins to slow down in preparation for menopause.

Menopause can begin to occur anywhere between the age of 40 through to 55. Many women suffer unnecessarily from negative menopausal symptoms. Too many demands on the body without the support of balanced hormones is by and large, the primary contributing factor. The following list includes some of the symptoms that may be experienced:

• hot flushes
• anxiety
• dry skin
• headaches
• breast tenderness
• decreased libido
• insomnia
• loss of concentration,
• mood swings
• night sweats,
• urinary incontinence,
• weight gain
• vaginal dryness

The good news is that there is help at hand. By regaining control of your hormones with the following herbal treatment, you can regain your lease on life!

It is also interesting to note that researchers have found that exercising moderately was correlated with fewer symptoms. Diet also should be taken into account. Eating a greater number of foods containing natural oestrogens (phytoestrogens) reduces vaginal dryness and hot flushes (Anderson, 2014).

Just remember that it took a little while to get to your present predicament, so it may take a little time to restore balance. You should feel substantially different within two to four weeks.

Menopause Herbal Contents:

Sage, Zizyphus, Shatavari, Shizandra, Passionflower, Vitex


Anderson. (2014). Lifestyle Interventions and menopause : Effects of Diet and Exercise on Menopause. Caifornia University of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania: Semanticscholar.org.

Disclaimer: At herb hub we do not diagnose disease or illness. We can offer a program to assist with healing, after you have had advice from your doctor or specialist. Should you have unexplained symptoms, it is vital that you speak to your doctor.