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Many of our health condition involve processes of inflammation. There is often swelling, pain and redness, tenderness or heat associated with an inflammatory condition. This is a signal by the body that it is responding to a problem.  Often the body will take care of that problem, however in some cases the body does not rectify the issue and this is where a herbal anti-inflammatory will be of use.

Because the inflammatory process can be found from the bowel through to joints it is important to look at diet as a starting point. Many simple foods can cause inflammation. Sugar, for instance, may cause arthritic symptoms in those with a this food sensitivity. Dairy, on the other hand, may cause inflammatory processes of the bowel leading to possible digestive and immune problems (Spritzler, 2017).

Some fats in our diet affect a group of hormones that regulate inflammation called prostaglandins. By eliminating partially hydrogenated oils and trans-fat containing foods and replacing them with extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids you can significantly reduce inflammation within the body (Renee,2017).

There are many herbs that have some level of anti-inflammatory action. The following herbs may assist to reduce swelling, along with pain and stiffness.

Herbal contents:

Boswellia, Ginger, Tumeric, Devils Claw, Slippery Elm, Jamaican Dogwood, Marshmallow, White Willow Bark, Guaiacum, Burdock, Pine Bark, and Rosehips.

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