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Detox Mix


The liver is one of the most amazing organs we have; it is also one of the largest. With its primary function being to detoxify the blood of harmful substances, it is understandable that the liver is coming under substantially more pressure in this modern day and age.
There are two main pathways of detoxification in the liver. The first phase converts toxic chemicals into less harmful ones. In this process free radicals are released. Excessive amounts of free radicals can damage liver cells. When liver cells are damaged enough by free radicals, they may break open and release their enzymes into the bloodstream giving abnormal liver enzyme readings in the blood. This is significant of tissue damage (Ask the Scientists, 2018). The Detox Herbal contains herbs high in antioxidants.

The second detoxification pathway in the liver is known as the conjugation pathway. Through this process the liver joins specific substances along with toxic chemicals such as drugs or hormones and eliminates them via the bowel or the kidneys. This conjugation can break down when the processes of elimination are impaired (Ask the Scientists, 2018). The following herbal mix contains herbs that help the bowel and kidneys to eliminate effectively.

Sulfur-containing amino acids such as taurine and cysteine are important in the second part of liver detoxification. Products such as the MSM Biological Sulfur will assist to provide much-needed sulfur for the catabolism of these amino acids, assisting with liver detoxification. Glycine, glutamine, choline and inositol are also required to take you through phase two detoxification of the liver. Herbal Shape up and Phytoplex are both products that will assist through this phase.

Detoxification Herbal Contents:

Dandelion, Cleavers, St Mary’s Thistle, Shizandra, Tumeric, Globe Artichoke, Gentian

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