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Cough and Cold Mix


The best time to use this mix is when you first feel that tickle or scratch in your throat. This is when you will nip the virus in the bud and prevent it altogether. After all, prevention is the best way to treat a cold. However, should you find yourself with a runny nose, sore throat or cough, then this mix is definitely for you. It will shorten the severity and longevity of both your cold and cough symptoms.

This herbal remedy is best for ripe head colds where there is a constant stream of mucous from the nose. There may be infection in the sinuses and localized aches and pain or even sinus headache. The herbal also targets lower respiratory catarrh, chronic bronchitis, and asthma.

It’s never fun when head cold moves into the chest area, resulting in a dry, raw or congestive cough.  This mix, if taken early enough, will prevent this from happening or if not, will assist the body to fight the infection and alleviate the symptoms.

The cold and cough mix contains chamomile which helps calm a repetitive cough and reduce associated fevers. It encourages sleep which assists rest and rejuvenation. It also comes in a sweet glycetract solution specifically for kids. It is a very effective herbal and also very popular.

Cold and Cough Herbal contents:

Echinacea, Elderberry, Marshmallow, White Horehound, Wild Cherry, Sundew, Chamomile

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