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Constipation is the delay in passing a bowel motion, which is present for two or more weeks. When waste matter is not eliminated regularly from the digestive tract it becomes dry and impacts onto the wall of the colon.

Potentially a source of many toxins, this dried out matter also provides an optimal environment for ‘bad’ bacteria, fungus and parasites in which to live. These organisms degenerate the lining of the digestive tract allowing food particles, pathogens and toxins to move through the gut wall and into the blood stream. Re-circulating of this waste material overloads the liver and further inhibits elimination processes (Nordqvist, 2017).

The health of the colon is determined largely by the foods that we eat. It is particularly important to consume a good amount of fiber which can be found in fruits and vegetables to maintain optimal health.

Water is also essential for the softening of the stool. Adult’s water intake should be around two liters daily. The following mixture will assist the flow of digestive juices and stimulate water being drawn into the large intestine to assist with defecation.

Constipation Herbal content:

Yellow dock, Dandelion, Licorice, Marshmallow Root/Aloe, Chamomile

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