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Asthma affects an increasingly large percentage of the Australian population. A lung disorder characterized by spasm of the bronchial tubes causing obstruction of these airways, this condition often leaves sufferers wheezing, short of breath and gasping for air. There are many factors involved with asthma. Some of these include hereditary, emotional, food allergies, air born irritants and seasonal changes(National Asthma Council Australia,2018).

A holistic approach will ensure that your diet is free from foods that stimulate mucous production. Typically, these tend to be dairy products. Your diet should contain a good amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, a reasonable amount of protein and contain little sugar. Eating as many green vegetables as you can, as they are high in calcium, which will strengthen, tone and calm the nervous system, decreasing the likelihood of an attack.

Make sure that you are breathing from your diaphragm and not from your chest. Your stomach should move in and out when you breathe. Also, keep your home free of common asthma-provoking allergens.

The following herbal mix will assist to strengthen the lungs reduce the likelihood of an attack.

Stress Herbal contents:

Baical Skullcap, Grindelia, Paw Paw, Boswelia, Eyebright, Chamomile, Echinacea

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