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Bach’s success was primarily because he was extremely sensitive to the power of plants. He aimed to create a simple yet elegant, system of medicine that could be used by even the layperson to assist in balancing negative emotional states. Flower essences are easy to use and it is unnecessary to treat or diagnose the underlying negative emotional state when using them.

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We all love Christmas, but let’s face it, by the end you feel like you have you’ve been doing too much of everything. I mean, no one wants to feel deprived at Christmas but more often than now it’s the battle of the belly blowout.

But entering into the silly season doesn’t have to be about overindulgence. By making a few small and simple changes that will take the load off your body - you can not only maintain your waist-line but also come out the other side of Christmas feeling healthy. Some of these make great gift ideas too!

Here are my 10 tips and tricks for optimizing your health while not compromising the festivities:

Tip 1: Over indulge for just 2 days instead of 5

Most of you will be looking forward to eating whatever you want. That’s fine but reduce the number of days to go for it! The other thing that is of prime importance is that you keep some sort of exercise regime going. This could be by starting the day off with a long walk, that way when you restart after the hols, your momentum won’t be lost.

Tip 2: Herbal Digestive Tea after or with meals

The next few tips all have to do with digestion. Assisting the digestive processes will be one sure way to help that food is being broken down easily and that means less load on the body. Herbhub’s digestive tea containing herbs that help kick off digestion will help reduce that feelings of bloating after big meals.

Tip 3: Take the overload off the liver

Yes you know it….it’s the liver which really gets a workout over Christmas. That’s why taking a herbal tonic specifically designed to

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· The first thing that will help to lighten your toxic load is to eliminate alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, saturated fats and processed foods. These foods are major obstacles to any healing process.

· The next step is to minimize stress levels thereby reducing the amounts of cortisol (stress hormone) released into your body. Although cortisol is a useful hormone in the right setting, it slows the detoxification process down in the liver.

· Yoga, meditation and gentle walks in a natural setting all help to relieve stress by resetting physical and mental business and lowering cortisol.

· Finally, minimize the use of chemical household cleaners and health care products (shampoos, deodorants and toothpastes) and substitute with natural alternatives.



Eat plenty of high fiber containing foods, including brown rice, hummus and seeds. Taking psyllium husk or a herbal fiber supplement that contains some additional detox herbs will greatly assist to speed up the transit time in the bowel. This will also help to massage the gut wall, acting like a broom to sweep the intestines clean and encourage movement in the colon.



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