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This is my favourite tool to assist in restoring your balance, vitality and wellness. I combine several herbs to target specific health concerns and to enhance your wellbeing. Due to my background in biochemistry, I use an evidenced-based approach to my treatment programs. My aim in your consultation is to bring about balance and restore your health and wellbeing.

Many of my clients are children so I have developed ways of making the herbs palatable.

herbal medicine

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To me, naturopathy is the perfect union between natural remedies and scientific research and I incorporate the use of several modalities to help determine the source of your discomfort or health issues. Some of these modalities include nutritional medicine, iridology, muscle testing and herbal wisdom.

Herbal Medicine,

Naturopathy & Iridology

Initial Consultation   (1hr) $100

Follow-up  (1/2 hr)  $60


Kinesiology and Spiritual Healing

1.5 hr session $150

2 hr session $190


Skype sessions available

Kim x 20002

I graduated from the Australian National University with a degree in biochemistry. During my annual vacation one year, I decided to travel to Africa which changed my life and my life-direction.

I realized that life was too short to not follow my passion. I had always been fascinated by the medicinal properties of herbs and grown them whenever I could.

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Monday to Friday  9am to 2pm

Extended hrs can also be arranged

Please phone Kim on

0432 943 721


Kim Moser

To put my passion into practice I sought training by renowned Australian herbalist Dorothy Hall, widely regarded as the mother of Australian herbal medicine. From there I went on to complete my studies in Naturopathy. I have worked as a hebalist and naturopath for the past 12 years and it continues to be my passion

Health fund rebates are available for all funds. I also offer discounts for pensioners.

BSc. Dip Herb Med, Dip Nat, ATMS      

   herbalist and naturopath

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to locate energy blockages within the body. Because it is able to bypass the conscious thinking processes it can pinpoint factors that underlie issues within the body. This is very important because kinesiology can take you to the very heart of the issue whether that be an event that occurred one month ago, during childhood or before birth.